Do you know how to pin a comment on Instagram? It’s one of the most searched questions about Instagram right now. It’s a new feature that not many people have been talking about but that has definitely been seen in use. Big profiles use it and if you’ve been a pinned comment before, it feels pretty good to get that special shout-out. Here’s your guide on how to pin a comment on Instagram and why you might want to. 

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram 

When you go to one of your posts and look at the comments, you won’t immediately see any option to pin a comment. So how do you do it? 

Well, you’ve got to be a bit careful because the way you pin a comment on Instagram is also how you delete a comment. You’ll slide the comment to the left and see three options. There’s the trash can which is red. Be sure you don’t slide too far left because you’ll automatically use the trash can. Then there’s a reply arrow and a pushpin which, as you probably guessed, is how you pin a comment on Instagram. 

Here’s a recap of the steps:

  1. Go to your post and find a comment you want to pin (it can’t be a reply)
  2. Slide your finger across the comment to the left (but not too quickly or you’ll delete it)
  3. When the pushpin appears, you’ll tap that to pin the comment

It’s that simple! It’s just one of those hidden features. 

Why You’d Want to Pin a Comment on Instagram

Now, I want to talk from a social media marketing perspective. Why would you want to pin a comment on Instagram? Well, there are a few different tactics that you can take. 

Sharing more of your own information

Maybe you want to ask a follow-up question that starts engaging people in the comments. You could be the one who comments and then pin your own comment to make sure that people see it. 

Doing your own pinned comment can also provide a spot for you to add additional information or make a call-to-action a bit more prominent. Since Instagram cuts off captions when someone is just scrolling through, you can make a pinned comment that shows the final conclusion or CTA that you want people to take away from your post even if they don’t read the whole caption. 

Supporting Instagram Fans

Another reason you might want to pin a comment on Instagram is to support the people who are engaging with your post. If someone contributes a comment that is really witty or helpful, you can pin it to show how much you appreciate it.

One of the keys to engagement that people often forget is engaging in return. People don’t want to feel like they’re talking into a void. You should respond to most comments but when you know someone has been a huge supporter or put a lot of effort into their response, put in some effort in return. 

Providing Extra Context

You can also use the pinned comments on Instagram as a way to provide extra context to what your post. Let’s say that you post a client testimonial and the client comments on it in support of what’s being said. Pin that comment! Now, people can see that the client really agrees or your client will get more support in the comment section. 

You might also be posting about a partnership or a charity that you’re supporting. If that partner then comments, that’s a good opportunity to pin a comment as well. 

Pin Comments on Instagram Authentically

As with anything on social media, some people overuse certain features. Don’t just start pinning every comment in an attempt to encourage engagement. You’ll end up just making the pinning process worthless. Pins have to mean something and if you’re handing them out without intention then no one will care when the pin really does have meaning. 

Give it a try on some of your posts though. It’s a great way to add something extra to the normal Instagram post.

Reach out to me if you need more assistance.