Social Media Competitor Analysis Workbook


A fillable workbook that helps you analyze your competitor’s social media profiles so you can learn how to improve your own social media strategy.


The Social Media Competitor Analysis Workbook is a great place to start when thinking about your business social media strategy. It’s a fillable guide that walks you through doing your own competitor analysis.

Want to know why your competitors are succeeding on social media when you aren’t? This workbook walks you through five different competitors on various social media platforms. You’ll analyze what they’re doing and what’s performing well. It includes tips on how to interpret what you’re seeing and make it work for you in your own social media.

The workbook is a great place to start if you’re not sure what your social media strategy should be. If you’re struggling with which platform to be on or what to post, let this be your guide. Take some time to fill it out. You can reference it again whenever you need. You can also repeat the process should you want to look at other competitors.

This workbook gives you the tools that I use with my clients when I perform a social media competitor analysis. You’ll be able to take what I’ve learned from 10 years of experience working in digital marketing and apply it to your own social media. The workbook gives you a chance to understand a bit more about where you should be posting, what you should be posting, and what your competitors are doing well.

There might even be some surprises when you start looking at your competitors. Maybe they aren’t doing well on social media. Then you’ll know this is a great opportunity for you to outshine them.

What comes after the Social Media Competitor Analysis Workbook?

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Good luck and happy learning!


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