About Fiori Marketing

Hi! I’m Rachael

Blogger, Copywriter,
Social Media, &
Digital Marketing Expert

Rachael Flores, Owner of Fiori Marketing

Let’s start with my marketing resume. I have a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from Pepperdine University. During my college years, I interned for a publicity firm that had me working red carpet events and reviewing celebrity publications. After college, I spent six years working in the communications and marketing departments for universities (Gonzaga Law School and Binghamton University.) In 2019, I started my journey in freelance marketing working for companies like Project Bionic, Squishy Peanut Marketing, efelle creative, and VaVa Virtual Assistants. As of 2020, I also take on my own clients directly for blogging, social media, and digital marketing services.

Outside of my work experience, I love antiques, baking, my dog Walter (see below), dancing (formerly a Highland Dancer and Lilac City Clogger), video games, and old Hollywood movies.

The Chief Treats Officer (CTO)

Meet Walter, a local celebrity, in my mind at least. Since Fiori Marketing is a remote company, Walter is an important member of the team.

He’s consistently employee of the month even though he knows nothing about digital marketing or social media.

If we’re meeting over Zoom, you might see him in the background or get to say “hello” to this sweet pup.


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