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Website visits from Pinterest are easier to get than you think! If you’re looking to get more eyes on your website, Pinterest is a great tool for driving traffic. I’ve been using Pinterest for my business over the last two months. In that short time, my Pinterest has 17.4k monthly views. That has led to Pinterest being the third biggest driver of traffic on my website. 

Those numbers are huge in my mind. But why do these visits matter? In the grand scheme of things, they probably aren’t people who would be my clients. Here’s what the benefits of more website visits are:

  • Increased ranking on search engines – Having more backlinks and people visiting your site can help with SEO
  • Potentially more followers on other social media platforms – As people become familiar with your brand on Pinterest, you might get more followers elsewhere. You can even share content across platforms or link back to your other platforms with a pin
  • Potentially more email subscribers – When people are on your website, they might decide to subscribe and then be driven back to your website even more
  • New audience for other opportunities – If you’re thinking of expanding to a new area like paid webinars, courses, or templates that you wouldn’t sell to your regular clients but are something this new audience might like

The Pinterest Management Tool

Pinterest is different from other social media platforms so people don’t always know what to do with it.

My top tip is to start with Tailwind. It’s really the go-to app for Pinterest management. Partially because Pinterest is a little finicky about which apps integrate. Some scheduling apps will say they work with Pinterest but actually won’t be able to have all the right functionality or will break as soon as Pinterest updates anything. 

Once you have Tailwind set up, you’ve got to understand a few of the features and the overall strategy when it comes to Pinterest. 

Website Visits from Pinterest Strategy

Like I mentioned, Pinterest is so different from other platforms that the strategy may seem counterintuitive. Unless you’re a major national brand, you will probably not have enough original content to make every pin on your account from you personally. You’ll need to repin. 

On Tailwind you have the option to schedule out your own pins and also to pin things that others have posted. 

You’ll need to do this to get to the recommended 5 pins per day. I know some people who do 30 pins a day. Ideally, at least one of those should be your own content. However, if you’re a new business, that might be hard. 

Keep in mind that your pins have to link back to a website. It can be your blog, one of your other social media pages, or an outside website. 


The content of your pins is extremely important. Pinterest is similar to a search engine. You want to optimize everything to include your keywords. The caption, the title, and even the text on the image. 

Think of what people would be searching to find your content and use that and variations of it as your keywords. Make it natural though. It shouldn’t sound like you’re forcing the words in there. 

If you need more help on your Pinterest keywords, check out my free Pinterest Keyword Checklist.

Reusing content

To get the most life out of your content, you can reuse it on Pinterest. All you have to do is update the image that goes with the pin. 

Keep in mind that the images on Pinterest are a different shape than most other platforms. You want to aim for long images. If you need help, go to Canva and you can create Pinterest graphics there. 

You can reuse the same content tons of times. For instance, I made a video for YouTube and did a pin for that. I can then repost that same pin with different images. Then I added that YouTube video to a blog on my website and pinned that. Then I can again report that same pin with different images. 

Tailwind also lets you use a SmartLoop. They’ll actually reshare your most popular content periodically if you set that up. 


One cool feature within Tailwind is the use of Tribes. These are groups of other pinners who pin about similar topics. It’s essentially a community to increase your website visits from Pinterest.

For instance, I’m part of a Tribe called “Pinterest Tips & Marketing.” Within this group, I can see plenty of other pins that I might want to re-pin to my page. I can also share my related pins to the group so that even more people share my content. 

It’s a way to make sure that your queue is always filled with content but also to get your content shared outside of your own audience. 

Below you can see some of my pins that I’ve added to the tribe. Below each, you can see how many people have shared the pin to their own audience from the Tribe. 

Pin from Instagram

If you are looking for a way to get more Instagram followers, Tailwind does let you share your posts directly from Instagram. Keep in mind that these images aren’t sized or optimized for Pinterest, however you can still make sure of some of the images to help fill up your feed on Pinterest. 

If you post fashion photos, hair styles, or anything that fits that Pinterest aesthetic, it could really drive traffic to your Instagram for a bigger following there. 

Get Started

Now that you get the general idea of how to use Pinterest, sign up for Tailwind to really get started. 

Reach out to me if you need more assistance growing your Pinterest page.