Instagram is constantly testing out new features. Some of them are stolen from other platforms (TikTok, Snapchat, etc.) However, they’ve started adding in some new features that aren’t copies of other platforms. 

Let’s look at some new features that you’ll want to test out for 2023. It’s always a good plan to use new tools that social media platforms give you. That’s particularly important because social media platforms usually reward early adopters with more views. 

Instagram Notes

A look at a new feature for Instagram 2023, notes!If you’re a millennial like me, you’ll remember how important your status was on MSN Messenger. Instagram is capitalizing on our nostalgia (which is a real social media trend for 2023) and letting us set 24-hour statuses called Notes. 

Notes live next to your profile picture when people go to view their inbox. Since they’re only for 24 hours, it’s a good way to share special deals or announcements. You can even make them funny or send out holiday wishes. You’ve got some options for how you can use them. Since they’re new, be creative!

Multiple Links

I’ve been a fan of linktree for a long time. It’s an easy way to direct people to different links on your website while just utilizing the one link that Instagram lets you put on your bio. 

However, that one link rule recently changed. If you go to edit your profile, you’ll see an option to add a link to your Facebook profile. There may be other options in the future. 

Pro-Tip: If you do advertising on Facebook or Instagram, it might be worth considering making a page on your own website with the various links you want to direct people to from Instagram. This ensures that people are visiting your website so you can retarget them even if you are ultimately sending them somewhere else. 

Desktop Usage

One gripe a lot of Instagram users have had over the years is that so much of what you do on the platform has to be done on your mobile device. That’s not easy for everyone. Instagram has started to acknowledge that and has made more features available on the desktop version. 

Direct Scheduler

As of the time I’m writing this, this isn’t a feature that I have. However, I’ve heard that it’s coming! In 2023, you should be able to create a post on the Instagram app and set it to schedule out at a later date. This could be really helpful when it comes to Reels which are notoriously difficult to schedule out. 

Now, you can always use Facebook Creator Studio to schedule posts on Instagram, but having the option to do it on your phone from the Instagram app can be an easier option. 

Add Message Button

Where you can find the message button option when you're creating an Instagram postIf you want people to message you more, you can add an option for that when you’re creating a post. I haven’t seen this used much, but I think it could be helpful for certain posts. 

Maybe you’re asking people to send you a message to get a freebie, or you want people to message you with questions. It’s a simple thing to add and worth testing out. 

Automated Messages

Now, you likely don’t want to come across as a robot. But there are a lot of helpful messaging options that can save you time. 

Go to your inbox and hit the three dots in the top right corner. Select “tools,” and you’ll see a lot of options. Here’s a breakdown of how to use each option:

  • Response suggestions: If you have this turned on, you’re letting Instagram learn how you respond to certain inquiries. In the future, you’ll get a suggestion to share the same response you’ve done in the past. This makes it easier to respond to those questions you get frequently. 
  • Saved replied: Similar to the above, you can actually use shortcut words to get an entire message sent. For example, you could set it up so that when you type out “hours” that changes to a predetermined message about your hours. 
  • Frequently Asked Questions: This is also pretty similar, but it gives you the option to recommend some questions your audience might want to ask. For instance, maybe you set it up to show the question, “How can I buy tickets to your event?” The audience might not know you have an event, and now they do. You can also use it for general FAQs. 

Reel Responses

This feature has also been around for a while, but I haven’t seen many people utilize it. It’s taking a page out of TikTok and letting people respond to comments they get on posts with a Reel. Not only is this a good way to source some new content, but it can also help build a community. People feel special when their comment is featured like that. 

Instagram 2023

Now that you have a few new tools to test out on Instagram let’s talk a bit more about the overall strategy. I have a long blog post walking through my recommendations for small businesses on Instagram in 2023. 

Good luck out there! Connect with me on Instagram in 2023 too.