Do you struggle with project management for digital marketing? One of the most important parts of any digital marketing campaign is making sure you’re organized. Social media needs consistency. Google Ads need periodic monitoring. Even your website should be evaluated from time to time. 

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How do busy business owners keep track of it all? Well, if you don’t have someone doing your digital marketing for you, you’re going to need some type of project management system. 

I use Asana. It’s my favorite for organizing projects for my business or for my clients. Here are some ways you can use it for your digital marketing. 

Store Ideas

If you’re anything like me, ideas come at the most inconvenient times. For instance, I’ll think of a blog post idea when I don’t need any new blogs. Or maybe I’ll be doing research on something else and come up with an idea for a post. 

In Asana, you can use your projects to organize your thoughts. Here’s how I use it for Blog posts. 

I have one column where I put tasks related to blogs. For instance, you can see that I’m tasked with writing the October blogs. 

The next column is a list of ideas. I can move these ideas over to the other column when I want to assign those out as a task or I can check off an idea once it’s complete. 

I have another column for articles I write for other sites. For instance, I wrote an article titled 6 Reasons Why Small Business Social Media Pages Fail for the Jeff Bullas website. This helps me organize when I want to write an article elsewhere but need an idea. I can pull from my blog ideas. 

If you have a team working with you, you can share ideas all in one place. That way you allow room for everyone’s voices and suggestions. 

Organizing Social Media Posts

While I use an editorial calendar (in a Google Sheet), there are some parts that I also need to remember throughout the month. 

For instance, I might want to share a Story on Instagram when I know that I’ll be working on a specific project. I’ll add a reminder into Asana so that when I check my to-dos for the day, I’m reminded that I need to post that Story. 

It also serves as a way to remind me to check in on my social media, to evaluate how things are performing, and to create the next editorial calendar. 

If I need to take photos to get ready for a post, I’ll schedule that out as well in Asana so I am always up to date on what I need done. 

If you have other members on your team, you can also assign tasks out to them to remind them when they need to engage or what you need from them for social media. 

Email Marketing Organization

When I have something important to do for my email marketing, I also put that into Asana. I can be working on making a downloadable freebie that I mail out to my list or on my monthly newsletter. 

When the month gets busy, I might not remember to work on a newsletter. Having that already programmed into Asana is helpful. 

You can also make the tasks repeat every day, week, month, or whatever works for you. 

My To-Do List

When you’re in Asana, the first place you’ll go to is called My Tasks, which is essentially your To-Do list for the day. It will show you what has recently been assigned to you and what you have for the day. 

This is great for a quick overview of what you need to get done. You can also schedule tasks to cover a few days if you know it’s going to take a bit longer than just one day. 

While I don’t do this, you can also organize your daily tasks based on priorities or any other way you’d like to organize them. I use to organize them by Priority, Secondary, and Extra tasks. It’s another way to visually see what you have for the day. 

Special Projects

For me, I organize all my clients in Asana. Each of them has an individual project. Within that project, I have columns for the different parts of what I’m doing for them (Social Media, Website, etc.). 

If you have any specific projects you’re working on, this is a good way to organize them. If you’re planning an event or a special campaign, consider separating that out into its own project. Then you can keep track of each task associated with it and plan out weeks worth of tasks so everything stays on point. 

Managing Others

I’m a solopreneur, but if you need a way to manage your team, Asana is great for that too. You can see how many tasks each person on your team has and when they complete those tasks. If someone misses a deadline, you can check in with your team. 

You can also think through what things are required to keep a project going. Maybe you assigned someone a part of the project that they need something else from someone else to complete? You can make tasks and dependent on other tasks to make sure everything moves forward smoothly. 

Project Management & Digital Marketing Conclusion

This was a fairly quick breakdown of using Asana. I wanted to make sure I covered it as it’s one of the most helpful tools in my business. 

If you’re struggling keeping up with your digital marketing, you might just need to get organized. I’m happy to help set up or train you on Asana as I’m an Asana Certified Pro. 

Reach out to me if you have any questions.