Would it shock you if I said there are only three types of content that you need to post on social media? It’s true! 

Social media marketers are always dividing up content to make scheduling a little bit easier. After all, it’s much nicer to come to your monthly editorial calendar with some ideas already in place. 

However, those categories that marketers use can get pretty complicated. I want to make it simple. That’s why I believe there’s only three types of content that you really need to focus on. 

If even this sounds like too much, I’m happy to help. Just reach out.

The social media content breakdown

You’ve probably heard of the marketing funnel. We can divide the funnel into a lot of pieces but essentially there are people who don’t know you, people you like you, and people who love you. 

It’s those cold, warm, and hot audiences. That’s who you’re trying to reach with your social media. That’s the kind of content you need to be posting. 

Content #1: Building Your Audience (Cold)

Cold audience - types of content to psot

For the first type of content, you’re trying to get people who know very little about you to move to the stage where they really like you. 

You want them to decide to follow you or to engage with your posts more. To do that, you need to offer value. What do your audience need? What problem do you help solve for them? Can you provide a little bit of the solution? You obviously can’t provide your whole service but maybe you can write a blog post (like this) or a freebie download.

I like to share tips for my audience or videos that help breakdown things that I know people are asking about. If someone asks you about something in a meeting, maybe your answer can become a video that you share with your audience. 

Once people see that you offer some value, they’ll join your audience and appreciate and like you. 

Content #2: From Like to Love (Warm)

Now that you have your audience and you’ve made them like you, you need to make them love you. The love category is where they’ll start to convert whenever you have a new product. So how do you make this transition?

It can happen in a variety of ways. You can share your story. Why did you start your business? What challenges have you overcome in life? What’s your general philosophy on your industry? 

Share those behind-the-scenes moments of your business. You’re building trust with your audience. They want to feel like you’re someone they would grab a drink with but also someone they’d trust to watch their kids. 

If you’re trying to get someone to part with your money, they have to both like you and trust your intentions. That’s the balance that you’re trying to strike. 

You’ll be able to tell that someone is in the love stage when they’re actively commenting on your posts, reaching out to you in the DMs, or engaging with you in a variety of places. 

Content #3: From Love to Conversion (Hot)

Once you know that someone is engaged and loving your content, you want them to buy from you. 

Courting someone from love to conversion can be a bit trickier. If they’re in your DMs or commenting on your posts, respond! Make sure you engage and ask them questions. You don’t need to sell quite yet but just make them feel that you’re listening and that you’re available to answer their questions. 

After some time doing that, you can mention what you’re selling. Don’t be afraid to make a sale. You shouldn’t always post about the products and services that you have for sale but make sure it shows up at least sometimes. 

I usually go for an 80/20 rule. 20% of your posts should be selling a product or service directly. The rest will fit within the first two category types. 

I’ll sometimes hear people say that they don’t think social media helps them make sales and it’s too much of an investment if it’s not converting. These same people are never selling on their social feeds! People won’t just buy something they’ve never heard about. It doesn’t have to be cheesy or annoying, just make sure it’s mentioned. 

Content Idea Breakdown

Content for Cold Audiences (40% of what you post)

  • Tips/Advice
  • FAQ Videos
  • Downloadable content
  • Helpful graphics
  • Explaining complex subjects
  • Your favorite software

Content for Warm Audiences (40%)

  • Behind-the-scenes photos/video
  • Day in the life content
  • Personal content (family, pets, etc.)
  • Live streams
  • Your story
  • Your industry philosophy
  • Challenges you’ve overcome
  • Why you started your business

Content for Hot Audiences (20%)

  • Specials or deals
  • New products
  • Existing products/services
  • Testimonial from people who have bought your product/service

You might not always be perfect with each of these categories. It’s helpful to have a place to start when you’re looking at a blank editorial calendar for your social media feed. 

Can you tell when I’m sharing these categories on my own Instagram feed?

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